34471 Dental Implants

34471 Dental Implants

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Dental Implants in 34471

What is a dental implant and how does it differ from traditional bridges and dentures, the long standing full-tooth restorations that are still popular today? Here at Chandra Smile Designs, we think that the more you know about our 34471 dental implants, the more you’re going to like them.

All tooth replacements are artificial, but if you would like to have one that is the most like a real tooth, there is nothing that can compare to an implant. A bridge or denture sits on top of your gums, but your natural teeth are anchored beneath your gums. So shouldn’t the ideal new tooth have something similar? The first component of our 34471 dental implants is the titanium post. It acts as a root. Our implant dentist places it surgically in your jaw bone, and it extends up to the gum line. Over the course of a few months, your bone tissue grows around the post and then fuses with it. You then have an artificial root that is every bit as strong as one of your own. All you need is a tooth to attach to it. A crown is made out of tooth-colored material from impressions that are taken at our office. Held to the post with cement, you are left with a completely dependable new tooth that you can chew with. Yes, you can eat anything you want, even crunchy items and tough foods. Our 34471 dental implants will never let you down. If you take good care of them, they may even last you for life. And they do all that without messy adhesives or affecting your other teeth.

Get back your complete smile along with all the cosmetic and practical benefits that go along with it. Reach out to our office to book a visit for a consultation and examination.

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